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Gokarna and my last few days in Goa

Posted on March 16, 2010 with 0 comments
Hello Dear One last week I took a train to Gokarna as good friends are staying on one of the beaches there so I wanted to visit them but i was also curious about Gokarna.I loved the town-it is one of the 12 holy Shiva sites in India and it really holds a sacred atmostphere.For an Indian town its quite clean and has an old but well kept feeling.Even though as a non Hindu I wasn't allowed in the main Temple just walking around the outer area was quite special.It also has one of the largest tanks that I have seen -walking around it takes about 20 mins.This is where people attached to the various temples,as there are quite a few that i didn't have time to explore, bath.The closest I can get to describing it so you can imagine it is an old Italian town where the houses are quaint and colorful in a faded way.I found how much more I like the beaches in Goa as I wasn't that taken with the beach but my friends love it there so you find what suits ones needs-they also where staying in the nicest guest house in Kudle.
This is my last few days in Patnem and i realize how precious it feels to walk every morning and sit by the ocean and allow its expanse to work on my being-I will miss that peace alot.On Sat. I will get an over night train to Bangalore then an express train down to Mysore where I will meet back up with my friend Anna who will be overflowing with Kumba Mela energy-I am looking forward to hearing her stories.I will make another entry during my time in Mysore.May this find you all Well and Happy LOve loVE sita