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Sita: Blog

Life in Patnem

Posted on February 27, 2010 with 0 comments
Hello Dear Ones Its hard to believe I have been in Patnem(Goa) nearly a week and half.Life here is slow and peaceful for the most part, though these past few days the celebration of Holi has been in full swing which is far from peaceful but quite amazing.Lots of drumming and dancing to a very tribal rhythm-feels nearly African-they go from house to house and then after many hours everyone gets fed very delicious food on beautiful banana leaves-the old style of eating here.Last night it went on until after 1:00 in the morning and tonight they will celebrate all night throwing colors etc but its in the next village over so i think I will get some sleep.Patnem is, if I can use the word for an Indian town-quaint.I am living in the compound of an Indian family-Robin, Maya and their 2 children Sakshi and Swayam-they are so sweet and gracious.I am a very short walk to the beach -its especially nice in the morning and the evening to walk along the ocean-there is also some lovely spots to sit and eat-right now i am at a place called Laguna Vista that is right on a little bay-they are one of the few places that do free wifi so I can use my computor rather than have my patience very tried at times with the computors that you find in the Internet places.One of the challenges to my health is the smoke and I can feel my chest is a little inflamed from it-it is sometimes the first thing I smell when I wake up as the Indians burn their trash and other things and seem oblivious to the effects of the smoke-since they cook alot on out door fires I think the are inured to it-becaose of the sea breeze it clears up quickly-one also has to get used to seeing trash everywhere and Patnem(Goa in genewral) is cleaner than other places because of tourism-but this is a small price to pay for the natural beauty of the place.I will be here for another week then I will go to Gokarna-about 2 hours from here, to visit friends then on to other places that i will write about as I get there.I hope this finds you staying warm and well.Many Blessings from Mother India LOve loVE Sita