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Patnem continued

Posted on March 6, 2010 with 0 comments
Hello Dear Ones I wasn't originally planning to be here for so long but I feel pretty settled and the longer I stay the more accepted I become with the India community.On Sunday night I chanted at the local Saraswati Temple and the other evening I chanted for a yoga retreat which is happening just down at the end of the beach both where wonderful and very different= one serving the local people with a few friends and tourists that dropped in and the other 12 Japanese women who where on the yoga retreat for 8 days plus local western people that came from around Patnem.At the Temple I had a local tabla player called Mahindra who was great-by day he is a rickshaw driver.At the yoga retreat I was with my friend Meirav who is studying tabla and this was her first experience of performing which was great to observe-she did very well..Its hard to describe the beach in the early morning-the nicest time-I often sit there for a good hour just taking in the vast energy of the ocean-it can create similar feelings to the vast expanse of sky in New Mexico but its more accessible as you can touch it or allow your body to be washed by it-I can understand now why people love to live by it-it also helps that it is never cold even in the early morning or late into the evening-my body seems more open in these conditions..There are moments though when the foreigness of the place gets to me and I long for my own kitchen, for friends that i know well etc.The season here is coming to an end-by April it gets to hot for most people so already I can feel it emptying out and it seems quieter than when i first arrived.I have had to do some grieving over the dying process of my dear friend Susan as it looks like she is transitioning at this time and I had dearly hoped that she would still be with us when i returned-i have felt a long way away at times but I know that that idea is an illusion and that my spirit is with her during the process.None the less I will miss her dearly.Tomorrow I take a short trip to Gokarna-a town further down the coast in Karnataka where friends have been staying- its meant to be a special place so I will make another entry this weekend and let you know how it went and some of my impressions.Hope all of you are well and staying warm Much LOve Sita now how it