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Tibetan Settlement in Bylakuppe

Posted on March 30, 2010 with 0 comments
Its been many days since I have made a entry as the internet places where so uncomfortable to sit in I couldn't mange them for any more than was really necessary.Now I am in a wifi hotel in Bangalore, on our last day in India.For the past week Anna(my friend who I started off the trip with) and I where at the Tibetan Settlement that covers a wide area around Bylakuppe which is about 2 hours from Mysore.We did manage a day in Mysore but i have to say I do not like(so far) being in Indian cities.We did have a rickshaw driver take us around and apart from the palace which is quite stunning the best part was going to his home for tea.The Tibetan Settlement is truly a special place.We stayed at the Sera Jay Monestary's guest house which in and of itself was quite a surprise as it looked much fancier than I expected- though after being there a few days you started to realize it not nearly as fancy as it looks-the restaurant was had a very limited selection and boiled eggs was my main protein for the week but this was a minor annoyance that was completely forgotten when you started walking around the different camps(there are 4 main ones).Thousands upon thousands of monks everywhere and the pujas where deeply moving.I especially loved whats commonly called the "The Golden Temple at the Namdroling Monastery which was started by Penor Rinpoche.It is beyond me to accurately describe the beauty of this Temple and it was surrounded by other smaller ones that where nearly as impressive.I loved the little Temple dedicated to the Goddess Tara.One morning there was puja's going on in all of them at the same time and the effect as you walked from one to another was a sonorous field of devotion and pray-I felt completely bathed in it.Unfortunately my camera had broken in Goa so this time around I have no photos to show-Ah well.After leaving Sera Jay(which is a university as well as a monestary) and on our way back to Mysore we stopped off at the Dubare elephant reserve where 20 elephants, that once worked at logging etc, are now taken care of-we hope humanely.You can only get to where the elephants are by boat and we arrived in time to see many of them being bathed and scrubbed by the mahoots then fed.There was also a lecture demonstration about what is going on with elephants so it had an educational aspect too.I have to say i had to cry some tears before i could just relax and appreciate what was happening around me, as its still so sad to see these extraordinary creatures reduced to walking around with chains around their feet and young mahoots on there backs, that you could only pray treated them with respect.But all that aside it was a treat to see them so close up and watch them enjoy the water and the food.We then took a taxi back to Mysore and a fancy(the luck of the draw )train to Bangalore.Tomorrow morning we fly to London.I am a little stunned that my time in India is coming to an end but very grateful that it was such a great trip and I am already planning my return next winter.I will make another entry a few days into arriving in England-I am just praying its not to cold. LOve and blessings Sita