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Sita: Music

Quan Yin/Prajanaparamita

August 25, 2016

Both of these amazing Goddesses have their origins in the Buddhist tradition. Quan Yin is female Bodhisattva-this version is the Korean translation of her name. She is known for the "hearing the cries of her children and responding. I love the English translation of this chant by Jennifer Berezen.

Prajana Paramita is th great wisdom Goddess who goes way beyond the conceptual mind and its fabrications. Both chants are wonderful for any transition time, large or small.

Quan Zeon Bosai

She carries me,she carries me ,she carries me to the other side.

Prajanaparamita-Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha

Gone,gone,gone beyond the beyond.