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Sita: Photos

Howie Cohn and Anna Douglas, teachers at Spirit Rock, join Sita in chanting Om Mane Padme Hum
A moment with the drummer
Sita reading Hafiz during a chanting evening at Yoga Source in Santa Fe
David Pascale, photographer for the evening, captured Sita's joy
Another great photo by David Pascale
This captures a moment in time of Sita chanting at a Remesh Balsakar seminar in Kovalam Beach, Kerala, India in December, 2004.
Sita in front of a puja at the SitaRam Temple in Sri Lanka. The temple is said to be the original site where Sita, Rama's wife, was taken after being kidnapped by the Demon King Ravana. She was kept here until she was rescued by the Monkey God, Hanuman.
"I felt such joy at being able to be at the place where Sita spent so much time so long ago. There was a palpable energy present for me, as I walked around, prayed and meditated there. "
A group of children filled the temple while I was there, and I was taken by their joyful, enthusiastic presence.
Another moment in time, chanting in Kovalam Beach...