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Sita: Sound Healing

Sound as a  healing modality works to break up crystallized energy that can create disharmony in the physical ,psychic and spiritual bodies.Working with sacred sounds and harmonies i create a field of resonance that acts on the stuck energy .This energy in turn begins to resonate with the new field causing a re-balancing back to a harmonious vibration.This is quite immediate and impactual while being completely non invasive.All my sessions involve this protocal in one way or another. 

Sound Healing Sessions

Over the last many years I have been developing my healing work and in the last 5 years I have honed it into quite unique sessions.I combine the MRS 2000 ,Reiki and Sound healing-the synthesis of these 3 modalities creates a deeply restorative and nourishing session on the table.

I also work with sound in other formats to facilitate the different ways that it can be approached.

In the past year I have added Access Consciousness (Running your Bars) into my practice .It is very complimentary to what I do as its  also  very nourishing and I am beginning to add sound into the mix.Below is brief paragraphs to give you more information and a sense of what to expect. 

Reiki/Sound Healing Session

MRS 2000-

Magnetic Resonance stimulation mat -this is a bio-mimicry technology that assimilates the electro magnetic resonance of the earth-something we cannot live without and for many reasons we now are getting less and less of.

Reiki/Energy work-

This part of the session is predominately Reiki but I use other modalites as well to enhance the effect.Reiki(Rei-spiritually guided ,Ki-life force energy) is a noninvasive modality transmitted through the light touch of the practitioners hands.It works directly on the central nervous system and opens up the clients own healing energy.

Sound Healing

I use my voice directly into the body and the chakra system clearing the aura, re-balancing and opening the different fields of  body.This can create a sense of well being and renewal on all levels.I use ancient sounds and tones and end each session with a chant that feels appropriate for the client.

One-on One Work

This is an interactive session which includes clearing,what I call, the sound channel,toning,coaching and chanting.It creates a safe space for the client to experiment with making sound and developing capacities that they can use in daily life.

Classes-Heart of Devotion

Experiential classes going deeply into chanting and sacred poetry as a devotional practice and healing modality.These classes allow people to work with sound in a supportive group setting.

Reiki and Sound for the Dying

Both these modalities can be used to create a safe and loving field for people during the dying process.Sound especially can create a bridge from this dimension to the next and Reiki's non-invasive touch can be soothing and relaxing in that time of letting go.

Chanting Evenings

On going public evenings that include kirtan,chanting from many traditions and sacred poetry.-look at the calendar for more info.

Access Consciousness
 The purpose of Access Conciousness is to allow you to receive a deeper Awareness of everything with no judgment of anything and to enhance the ability to be present in your life in every moment .
One of the tools to accomplish this is “Running The Bars”
The Bars are 32 points on the head that correspond to 32 channels in the body field that store the electromagnetic charge of all the thought forms,belief systems,genetic inheritance,traumas etc.They cover diverse  areas such as healing ,awareness,body,control ,money, power,sexuality, aging and more.
In running the Bars you are removing the static that often prevents us from being really present in our lives -a little like tuning into a radio station -until you are actually at the right frequency there is a lot of interference.-Running the Bars clears up the interference.
This work is also very good for recovery from trama,chemo therapy surgery-an all round healing for the nervous system.
Receive your first session a on a donation basis to experience the amazing effect of this work.

 Spiritual Coaching
If you feel your life is lacking resources to a deeper connection with the Source of your Being than Spiritaul Coaching could be a beneficial way to accomplish this.
I use a variety of practices to open up your field  to access greater awareness including toning ,chanting ,meditation and more.Call me for a consultation either in person or over the phone to see if this work would be a fit for you.
Sliding scale of $50-$100


Weddings, Memorials, Birthday Celebrations, Graduations, Home Blessings, Workshops and Conferences, when chanting is wanted in the mix, Rituals for many different occasions.